Why not just use Google?

When you’ve searched Google for a book, has Google ever suggested, “Go to your local library”?


The cover of the book "Invisible Women"

Imagining this is the book you are looking for. You typed the name in and the result is like this:

A screenshot of the results of searching the book, Invisible Women, on Google

But none of these results will tell you that your Library already has it

Part of that is on us, librarians: we haven’t opened our data and we are working on that. But it’s also because we (libraries) don’t pay Google to promote us. No one really knows Google’s algorithm, so it is hard to guess what sources it isn’t showing you 

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Online Workshop on Using RSQLite and Shiny App to Solve Business Problems

On November 19, the Library will host an online workshop on creating a business intelligence dashboard with the help of R Shiny and RSQLite. Participants will make an application that resembles this dashboard.

Using RSQLite and Shiny Applications to Solve Business Problems (Online Workshop)

Thursday, 19 November 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM (China Standard Time)

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Next week(11/9-11/15), join us for two lunchtime online workshops:


  • Introduction to QGIS (Online Workshop)

        Tuesday, 10 November 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM (China Standard Time)

QGIS is an open source software package for geospatial analysis. This introductory workshop covers simple GIS analyses and visualizations within QGIS.

​This workshop will be held live via ​Zoom, so you can attend from the comfort of your dorm or apartment. You must register in advance through the NYU Libcal page  (https://nyu.libcal.com/event/7128671). 


  • Data Cleaning and Management Using Python (Online Workshop)

         Thursday, 12 November 10 AM – 12 PM (China Standard Time)

This session is an intermediate level class that will examine ways to perform data cleaning, transformation, and management using Python. We will look at some efficient ways to load data and parse it into a container for ease of use in Python, to store it in helpful formats, and to perform some basic cleaning and transformations typical for mixed string-and-numeric formats. Finally, we’ll try putting it all together using a dataset from the NYC Open Data portal.


  • Ability to set and understand the object type of a variable
  • Familiarity with foundational object types (lists, strings, numbers, dictionaries) in Python
  • Familiarity with common data storage file types such as JSON and CSV
  • Comfort with, or willingness to learn more about dataframe and array objects in Python
  • Comfort with using Jupyter Notebooks for writing code

​This workshop will be held live via ​Zoom, so you can attend from the comfort of your dorm or apartment. You must register in advance through the NYU Libcal page  (https://nyu.libcal.com/event/7096100). 


I hope you’ll be able to join us!

Workshops (10/5-10/11)

Next week (10/5-10/11) offers four workshops. Two of them are onsite and two of them are online.

NYU Shanghai workshops

  • Introduction to R 

This workshop gets you started with using R. The session introduces the RStudio interface and key constructs of R, how to read files of various formats, when and how to work with different data types, and essentials of visualizing data. 

There are two sessions of this workshop both held at Academic Building 4F Room 400A Curiosity Lab.

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