A place for you to study together

“I wish there was a place I could prepare the exams with my study buddies.”

If this thought has run through your head before, then act fast and book your very own library study room.

The study rooms can host four to eight people, and it offers a whiteboard for brainstorming and discussion.

To book a room, please click here. Or scan the QR code on the door/in the group study room.

Remember these rooms can only be booked up to 2 hours so make sure to keep track of time and be respectful of others who may have booked the same room for the next hours.

Plan ahead. You can book up to 7 days in advance.

Big thanks to 212 parents who donated the 启航研习室(405) in the library.

Finally, after you are done with the study room, please remember to clean up the messes you made so others are able to enjoy the same space.