Mango the App…Not the Fruit

Tired of sitting in class and being pressured into learning another language? Well, Mango language Learning makes learning another language fun and enjoyable.

Although mango is a delicious fruit, it is also a very useful app for language learners in this generation. Now languages can be learned on the go. It contains over 60 languages and allows users to select specific lessons to fit their circumstance, which makes it convenient and time efficient.

Already use Mango? You should be happy to know that the new and improved mango has a new, sleek layout and it takes language learning to a whole new level.

How to access Mango?

1.Go to NYUSH library main page. Click on “Articles & Databases” tab

2.Under Subject-Specific, locate “linguistics”

3.Find “Mango Language Learning” in the “M” section

4.Sign up

It’s that easy. Plus, this app is easily accessible on laptops, tablets, and mobiles.