[B] magazine: what are your favorite brands?

Think of B as a print documentary about a particular brand.

B is a monthly magazine that introduces one brand in each issue. The focus is on the stories behind the brand, as well as the culture of the brand. This differentiates itself from your usual marketing and branding textbooks!

Our Library has recently purchased 15 issues that cover a diverse variety of brands.

It will appeal to any reader interested in a particular brand, or anyone interested in brand marketing and management. B claims that people who are read their publication are brand managers, people who want to learn about brand marketing and management, as well as people who plans to start a business, or has interest in brands.

B stands for brand, balance, and perspective. There are no paid advertisements in each issue. B is published in English (and Korean) by JOH & COMPANY, led by Suyong Joh, is a group of creative talents from different backgrounds and establishes brands based on its own ideas about ‘food’, ‘clothing’, ‘shelter’ and ‘information’. Besides publishing B magazine, it has a lifestyle brand, and a restaurant offering healthy homemade dishes.

You can view a full list of B magazine’s issues (and brands) at their website. Feel free to recommend if you’d like to read a particular issue we do not have!

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