Stata Resources for Self-paced Learning

Looking for practical tutorials on statistical computing and data visualization? Curious about the ever-changing industry trends? Don’t know where to start? Then you’ve found the right place. In the coming weeks, we will launch a series of posts to introduce data resources to you.This series is meant to be absolutely down-to-earth, reasonably dry, and most importantly not fancy at all. But it is also going to be extremely informative and highly useful. We therefore present to you the Data Resources Mini Series – Not Just Buzzwords.


Before we start, make sure you’ve checked out NYU Shanghai’s all-inclusive guide on using Stata! If you missed our Library’s Stata Workshop, this site is the ideal place for you to access workshop notes, slides, and codes for all past sessions:  Having done that, now we have many more useful resources to recommend to beginners and those who use Stata more substantially. The full web version of the list can be found here.

01 / if you are getting started

Stata’s User’s Guide, StataCorp
A quickstart guide before you move on.

Stata Tutorial
Germán Rodríguez, Princeton University
Emphasizes data management and graphics.

Introduction to Stata
, Alexander C. Lembcke, London School of Economics
A thorough introduction from the basics to data management and estimation in Stata.
Introduction to Stata, Christopher F. Baum (2011), Boston College
A tour of Stata and how each piece of it works.02 /if you need references on statistical analysis

Statistical Analysis
, UCLA: Statistical Consulting Group
Stata Textbook Examples, Kit Baum, Boston College
Stata Highlights, Richard Williams, University of Notre 

03 / if you are working on a project

Frequently Asked Questions on using Stata
, StataCorp
Solutions to numerous real-life scenarios.

Articles on Statistical Computing
, Social Science Computing Cooperative, University of Wisconsin-Madison
A directory of practical guides for users with various experiences with Stata. 

Frequently Asked Questions, UCLA: Statistical Consulting Group
The UCLA statistical consulting pages do not need recommendation. 
A Visual Guide to Stata Graphics, Michael N. Mitchell (2012),  Stata Press
Use it as a dictionary of producing graphs with Stata. Each chapter discusses a plot type;  each item is a line of commands, a graph and a description of how to and why. 

The Workflow of Data Analysis Using Stata,
 J. Scott Long (2009), Stata Press
Keep the workflow in mind. 
Advanced Stata Topics, Alexander C. Lembcke, London School of Economics
The programming fundamentals.

presented by Yun Dai
edited by Scotty Sun