Meet your Instructional Technologists

We are dedicated to helping faculty utilize instructional and research tools and technologies for teaching and research. We develop Technology Enhanced Education (TEE) initiatives that assist the community in exploring innovative ways to impact teaching and learning with instructional technology.

Adrian Hodge
Head of Research and Instructional Technology Services

Adrian manages the RITS team towards the development of a range of educational technology and data projects at NYU Shanghai. He has an information management background in government, health and education sectors in the UK and Asia.

Adrian works in close consultation with faculty to understand pedagogy needs in the use of instructional technologies as well as the development of a range of TEE (Technology Enhanced Education) experiments and initiatives in fully online and blended learning courses, working closely with instructional technologists at NYU Shanghai and across the NYU’s global locations.

Yun Dai
Educational Technologist for Data Services

Yun joined the team as a data services consultant following her Technology Enhancement Education Fellowship with the Library.  She supports statistical computing and visualization tools through workshops, in-class instructions, consultations and online guides for faculty, students and research staff.

Yun has developed a range of data resources, and cooperates with other parties on research projects utilizing her data skills. She built up and co-manages the Chinese Datasets Archive with the Center for Data Science and Analytics.

Yun holds her Bachelor’s degree from Peking University and her Master’s from Columbia University (GSAS).

Noel Konagai
Technology Enhanced Education Fellow

Noel is a Technology Enhanced Education Fellow at NYU Shanghai who explores applications of machine learning, VR, and AR in an instructional setting.

Noel joined the Research and Instructional Technology team after graduating from the inaugural class of 2017 at NYU Shanghai. His passion lies in artificial intelligence and machine learning. His workshops are centered around the skills that are most in demand in data science.

Aside from being a data freak, Noel also loves Chinese tea and is passionate about learning languages.

Fan Luo
Faculty Technology Specialist

Fan is a Faculty Technology Specialist at NYU Shanghai. She holds a Master degree in Information Science and has worked as consultant, designer, and project manager on educational projects.

Fan joined NYU Shanghai in fall 2016 and works closely with faculty to facilitate teaching through the application of various instructional technologies including GIS, data visualization, LMS, blended and online learning etc. She develops and delivers workshops based upon the request of faculty.

Together with the Research and Instructional Technology (RITS) team and specialists over the global communities of NYU, Fan collaborates with colleagues to provide technical support and pedagogical consultation for faculty.

Angela Wang
Teaching and Learning Technology Supervisor

Angela is a Teaching and Learning Technology Supervisor at NYU Shanghai who works closely with faculty and students as well as instructional technologists in Shanghai and New York.

She consults with faculty to support daily operation of academic tools such as NYU Classes, NYU Stream, E-Textbooks and other systems in their teaching and research. She also facilitates workshops on NYU academic tools and other technology skills such as Microsoft Office for faculty, students, and staff at NYU Shanghai.

Angela holds bachelor degrees in both Computer Science and English from East China Normal University.

Mia Zhuo
Senior Faculty Technology Specialist

Mia is a consultant and designer who works closely with faculty in conceptualization, development, and redesign of courses that are both offered in classroom settings and online formats.

She holds her Double Masters in Global Media and Communications from LSE and USC, and leverages her skills to help faculty and students incorporate multimedia, among other digital tools, in their teaching, research and learning.

She also facilitates workshops on video production, animation, and digital expressions for faculty, students, and staff at NYU Shanghai. In addition to consulting and training, she provides support for the pedagogical use of NYU Classes.