The Big Short

This movie makes me think about so many topics all at once.  There are the obvious categories of finance, markets, and regulation.  Then there are the issues of privilege and access, both to information and to money.  Or questions of personality and communication: who is working hard, quietly or alone, to explore the facts while others are loudly selling catchy phrases in ignorance?

I hope you are inspired to follow one of these lines of inquiry by watching a video or reading a book below.  If another idea sparks your interest, the library can help you locate diverse opinions for supporting your exploration.

What does the Big Short make you think about?

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The Upside of Irrationality                                                        by Dan Ariely

NYU Shanghai Library Main Collection BC177 .A77 2011




The Big Short NYU Shanghai Library DVD1134

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On the Brink: how a crisis transformed Lloyd’s of London  Andrew Duguid





Book jacketToo Big To Fail: The Hazards of Bank Bailouts

Gary Stern




Stress testing the USA: public policy and reaction to disaster events

John Short

NYU Shanghai Library Main Collection E179.S56 2013