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Have you been reading the Financial Times?

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Librarian Recommends:

FT Confidential Research

A data-based, analytical insight into key sectors and trends China and Southeast Asia. Combines findings from FT’s proprietary surveys with on-the-ground research to deliver predictive analysis of macro and industry-specific trends for investors and companies.


The FT’s daily guide to the corporate and financial stories that matter. Lex provides concise, readable and timely commentary on companies, markets and the theory behind investing. This includes tech valuations to the pros and cons of share buybacks, via the banking crisis and emerging markets, The Lex team is based in London, New York and Hong Kong.

Free Lunch

This column by Martin Sandbu is a daily newsletter on the global economic policy debate. It is published by lunchtime in Europe, and offers a spirited opinion on the latest commentary and stories. It is a guided tour to the meaning behind global economics news.

Special Reports

Special Reports provide in-depth coverage of countries around the world, as well as industries from tech to luxury, and themes ranging from workplace health to entrepreneurship. They appear in a variety of formats, from magazines to video and interactive stories.

EM Squared 

EM Squared is a data-driven news and analysis service on emerging markets.