Gold Underground

How can we work with coal?  Whose lives are affected by each change made or missed?

Continue the conversations begun as you watched the film, with classmates, professors, or visiting lecturers.  Dig deeper into the processes, people, and permutations of coal, its refinement, regulation, and replacement.  The following links lead you to reports and books.  Ask a librarian to locate additional avenues of research.


Mantel, B. (2016, June 17). Coal industry’s future. CQ Researcher26, 529-552.

book jacketEmpires of coal: fueling China’s entry into the modern world order, 1860-1920
Wu, Shellen Xiao • 2015; Stanford University Press; 9780804794732




book jacket

Coal in the 21st century: energy needs, chemicals and environmental controls

R.E. Hester & R.M. Harrison; Royal Society of Chemistry; 9781788010115




book jacket

Fighting king coal: the challenges to micromobilization in central Appalachia
Bell, Shannon Elizabeth • 2016; The MIT Press; 9780262333597