Ex Machina

This film has generated a lot of discussion online; beware of spoilers if you search now.

After watching, the library invites you to explore any ideas it brought to mind.  For example, what does it mean to doubt?  Why do we doubt?  What is it about science fiction that highlights flaws in current society?  What is in store for the future?

The books below are but a short list for continuing your education through conversation with filmmakers, authors, and classmates.

book jacket

Shanghai future [elektronische middelen] : modernity remade
Greenspan, Anna • 2014, Oxford University Press





Radical skepticism and the book jacketshadow of doubt: a philosophical dialogue
Hirsch, Eli• 2017, Bloomsbury Publishing





book jacket

Scepticism and reliable belief
Zalabardo, José L • 2012, Oxford University Press: 9780199656073

Shanghai Library BD201 .Z35 2012




book jacket

Science fiction and futurism : their terms and ideas
Pilkington, Ace G • 2017, McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers: 9780786498567

Shanghai Library PN3433.4 .P55 2017




book jacket

Norm of belief
Gibbons, John • 2013: Oxford University Press

Shanghai Library  BD215 .G526 2013