If this film prompts you to explore further, the library can connect you with several different paths of research.  Read on to learn about how to analyze film or locate similar types of films to watch.

From music videos to a documentary–did the director succeed?  Does his experience in filming music influence his choices in crafting the documentary? If film analysis sounds interesting to you, explore the shelves on 4F around the call numbers in PN 1995.

Try Oxford’s Very Short Introduction to Documentaries to see if it is a discipline worth pursuing.  It’s an ebook you can download and begin perusing before the movie starts!

book jacket

Check out Kristin Thompson’s & David Bordwell’s books (we have 2 on 4F):

Film Art: An Introduction   PN1995 .B617 2013


Minding Movies PN1994 .B67 2011

How does Swagger’s narrative compare with other cities or groups?  A variety of cultures and cities are explorable in streaming videos on Filmakers Library Online

One review of Swagger mentioned Spike Lee’s  Do the right thing , which you can watch in the Library’s viewing room on 4F.   

A variety of films are available at Kanopy, from “Whose Streets?” about Fergusson, Missouri, to Hooligan Sparrow’s protest in Hainan.  Kassovitz’s Le Haine is available and specifically mentioned by GPS Fellow Fareed Ben-Youssef.

Learn the terminology for film shots and camera angles with examples at https://www.mediacollege.com/video/shots/.