We Come as Friends

This film presents some current issues in Africa.  Questions of responsibility, support, influence, and many more come to mind.  Which will you follow for a term paper this year or next fall?  If you are inspired to learn more, the library on 4F has several books and journal articles from the speakers, directors, and facilitators.

Check out the shelves around DT and HG in the stacks.

book jacketAfrica’s freedom railway: How a Chinese development project changed lives and livelihoods in Tanzania
Monson, Jamie • 2009; Indiana University Press; 9780253002815




book jacketThe star raft: China’s encounter with Africa
Snow, Philip • 1988; Weidenfeld and Nicolson; 1555841848




book jacket

Chinese migrants and Africa’s development: new imperialists or agents of change?
Giles Mohan; Zed Books; 2014; 9781780329178





book jacket

Gender and the south China miracle two worlds of factory women
Lee, Ching Kwan • 1998; University of California Press; 9780520920040




book jacketChina returns to Africa: a rising power and a continent embrace
Chris Alden • 2008; Columbia University Press; 9780231700986




Ideology and practice: relations between China and Tanzania in historical perspective, 1968-1985
Prah, Kwesi Djapong Lwazi Sarkodee, 2016; 9781569024850
DT445.5.C6 P73 2016

book jacketThe specter of global China: politics, labor, and foreign investment in Africa
Lee, Ching Kwan • 2018; University of Chicago Press; 9780226340661
Reserves: HG5782 .L43 2018



book jacketAgainst the law: labor protests in China’s Rustbelt and Sunbelt
Lee, Ching Kwan • 2007; University of California Press; 9780520250970

HD8739.G828 L44 2007



book jacket

Africa-China partnerships and relations: African perspectives
Prah, Kwesi Djapong Lwazi Sarkodee • 2017; 9781569025789





book jacketDivinity and experience: the religion of the Dinka
Lienhardt, R. G. (R. Godfrey) • 1961; Oxford University Press; 0198234058





Mapping the New African Diaspora in China Race and the Cultural Politics of Belonging.
Lan, Shanshan • 2017; Taylor and Francis; 9781317203537

The dragon’s gift: the real story of China in Africa
Brautigam, Deborah • 2009; Oxford University Press; 9780191572210

The world in Guangzhou: Africans and other foreigners in south China’s global marketplace
Mathews, Gordon, 2017;  University of Chicago Press; 9780226506074

Les Nuer: description des modes de vie et des institutions politiques d’un peuple nilote
Evans-Pritchard, E. E. (Edward Evan)

The Nuer (a documentary from 1971) by George Breidenbach

Nuer dilemmas: coping with money, war, and the state
Hutchinson, Sharon Elaine • 1996; University of California Press; 0520088697

book jacketThe Forum on China-Africa Cooperation
Taylor, Ian; 2010; Routledge; 9780415548601


DT38.9.C5 T395 2011


book jacketChina’s South-South relations
Gransow, Bettina; 2013; LIT Verlag GmbH & Co. KG Wien; 9783643903464

DT38.9.C5 C45 2013



book jacketChina’s new role in Africa
Taylor, Ian; 2009; Lynne Rienner Publishers; 9781588266361

In New York, but you are encouraged to request a chapter scan by inter-library loan.



book jacket

China in Africa: articulating China’s Africa policy
Kachiga, Jean; 2013; 159221942X


DT38.9.C5 K33 2013



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