Designer’s Home Database trial through Sept. 30, 2018

You can now access a design database called Designer’s Home through NYU Shanghai Library.


Term of the Service: until 09/30/2018

Access Methods:

For PCs: direct access within the school’s IP domain, no registration needed

For mobiles: access through accounts (accounts should be reactivated within the school’s IP domain in every 3 months )

What is Designer’s Home

Designer’s Home is, at the moment, a leading and pioneering platform which targets towards skill learning,  resource collecting, material downloading, idea sharing and design competing. The resource library of Designer’s home is divided into five sections, which are tutorials, news, lectures, resources and forum. High-quality tutorials and lectures are accessible to the users, as well as the latest news and information in the design industry. Along with that, the website also contains features like overall analysis of designer’s ideas and progressions, online sharing space in the user’s community, too.

Designer’s Home is aiming to be a globally outstanding platform which serves designers in all sorts of dimensions. It covers nine main fields including industrial design, environmental art, graphic design, UI design, post-production of films, animation, game production, digital graphic, and photography. Tutorials on powerful software like Photoshop, Illustrator, CINEMA 4D on the website would be beneficial for various fields from still to animation designs.

Join in the community of Designer’s Home and have fun with designing now!

TEL: 400-881-6535

QQ: 3557302294

QQ group chat: 21596071