I Sidet: Forced Exile

I Sidet: Forced Exile introduces us to internally displaced persons and those who have crossed international borders, becoming refugees. Feminist perspectives and critical assessment of non-governmental organizations are also explored in this film. Religion and location also play a part. If any of these topics inspire you as research topics in class, explore some of the following books available on the fourth floor or electronically.

China’s homeless generation: voices from the veterans of the Chinese Civil War, 1940s-1990s
Fan, Joshua • 2011; Routledge                                                                                                  book jacketNYU Shanghai Library (China) Main Collection (DS777.542 .F36 2011)

Contesting feminisms: gender and Islam in Asia              Ahmed Ghosh, Huma • 2015; SUNY Press



book jacketEmpowering Women after the Arab Spring
Shalaby, Marwa • 2016; Springer


Identity and power in narratives of displacement
Powell, Katrina M.• 2015; Taylor and Francis
Shanghai Library (China) Main Collection (JV6346 .P69 2015)

Islam, gender, and democracy in comparative perspectivebook jacket  José Casanova • 2017; OUP Oxford

Making peace: the contribution of international institutions     G. Devin • 2011; Palgrave Macmillan                                         NYU Shanghai Library (China) Main Collection                   (JZ5538 .F3713 2011)

book jacketMoroccan Feminist Discourses
Sadiqi, Fatima. author • 2014; Springer


Poverty and morality: religious and secular perspectives
Galston, William A.; Hoffenberg, Peter H. • 2010; Cambridge University Press

Religion, theory, critique: classic and contemporary approaches and methodologies
Richard King • 2017; Columbia University Pressbook jacket

Sanctuary and asylum: a social and political history
Rabben, Linda • 2016                                                                  NYU Shanghai Library (China) Main Collection                  (K3268.3 .R335 2016)

book jacketWomen in the Muslim World
Beck, Lois • 1978; Harvard University Press
book jacket

Women’s movements in post-“Arab Spring” North Africa
Sadiqi, Fatima • 2016; Springer