Library Hours for Thanksgiving

Dear Faculty, Student and Staff,

During Thanksgiving, NYU Shanghai Library will be closed from Nov. 22 to 25. We will resume regular service hours on Monday, Nov.26.

For research assistance in the meantime, please email librarians in NYC at, or use the chat widget on the library website. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

NYU Shanghai Library

Ally Week: Deaf Culture

Be an Ally. Learn about the Deaf Community.  Explore the abilities and lifestyles of people experiencing limited hearing.

I was lucky enough to grow up near a university with a degree in translation, including ASL (American Sign Language). If you are interested in languages, comparing the differences between German-based sign languages, such as ASL, and later languages, such as British Sign Language, and the histories behind their diverse developments, it is a rich subject.

The films focused on children.  If you are inspired to research, the following links are a good start.

Approaches to Social Research: The Case of Deaf Studies. Alys Young and Bogusia Temple.  Oxford University Press, 2014.  Shanghai Main H62 .Y6668 2014

Diversity in Deaf Education. Eds. Marc Marschark, Venetta Lampropoulou, and Emmanouil Skordilis, Oxford, 2016.

Deaf Gain: Raising the Stakes for Human Diversity.  HDL Bauman and JJ Murray.  University of Minnesota Press, 2014.

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Asako I & II: Borders and the Self in Cinema

How does one know “Who am I?”  What does it mean to know “Who are you?” If the

film inspires you to study film or philosophy, the library is here to help.  Read on to find our best bets for researching directors, screenplays, and movie-making worldwide (including film streaming services to watch on your laptop) or try some books online or on paper.

Be sure to read Simone de Beauvoir’s introduction to The Second Sex  (2 copies on 4F at HQ1190 .S42 1997) and Dejima and Gilbreath’s chapter, “Tsunamis and Earthquakes in Japanese Literature” in Japan after 3/11: Global Perspectives on the Earthquake, Tsunami, and Fukushima Meltdown.

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