Inspired to research after seeing “I want to see the manager”?

Economics is a study of scarcity or distribution, often by weighing the costs and benefits of an action or inaction. If this documentary inspires you to research this topic more, the books below are a good place to start. Some are online; others are on 4F.

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Make an appointment with a librarian to find additional resources.

If you missed the movie, the DVD lives on 4F where we have a movie viewing room. Bring your own headphones and ask at the desk.




book jacketFairness in practice a social contract for a global economy                                                                    Aaron James
New York: Oxford University Press 2012
BJ1533.F2 J36 2012




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Conscious capitalism field guide: tools for transforming your organization                                                  Rajendra Sisodia, Timothy Henry, Thomas Eckschmidt
Boston, Massachusetts: Harvard Business Review Press 2018


book jacket

Crisis system: a critical realist and environmental critique of economics and the economy
Petter Naess; Leigh Price 2009




Handbook of safeguarding global financial stability: political, social, cultural, and economic theories and models  Gerard Caprio; Philippe Bacchetta
London; Waltham, MA: Academic Press ©2013

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Ethics of global development: agency, capability, and deliberative democracy                                                David A. Crocker Cambridge University Press.; 2009





book jacketOut of Poverty: Sweatshops in the Global Economy
Benjamin Powell
New York: Cambridge University Press 2014                HD2337 .P694 2014