How to use databases?

Part of a librarian’s job is exploring databases (collections of articles or books). These are described in the Articles & Databases tab as an annotated bibliography

To find the relevant databases across all collections use the search bar on the right, under Databases A-Z; type in a discipline or format. 

Do not confuse it with the left-hand search bar reading “EBSCO Discovery” which looks at individual articles inside one collection only. 

Read each description to find which database covers the years you are exploring, the countries or topics of your focus.  You may have to search several to thoroughly cover your idea. 

For example, In this image, one link leads to articles between 1969 and 1990.  The other only opens articles after 1990 to present.

Now you have learned about how to use databases.  There are also some videos explaining different types of databases. Please share with a friend as you prepare for your final papers.