What’s the big difference between the resources I find with Baidu/Google and those the professor or librarian prefers?

This is a huge question!  Recently, I heard Baidu might have lost some of its authority as a source a while ago.  That is, a few years ago, people questioned how each answer was decided and shared on Baidu.  Similar to Facebook in 2020: who saw which posts?  Who decided which posts would appeal to me?

Endorsement type leads to wishful identification or trustworthiness. Both are associated with perceived similarity or expertise, respectively.  Both then lead to attitudes and intentions to purchasing a product.

Conceptual Model of celebrity or influence

That’s exactly the right thing to ask!  How did it get there?  What does appeal mean?

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Upcoming Library Workshop at Shinmay

Next week (4/5 – 4/11), join us for the following event. Plan ahead for term papers by exploring the Library Class Calendar(for online workshops) or the Engage(for in-person workshops).

  • Essential Library Skills: The Citation-Savvy Student

Thursday, 8 April 1 PM – 2 PM (China Standard Time)

“What’s the point of an in-text citation, and how it is different from my list of references?”

“How do I cite a book? How do I cite online sources, like Youtube Videos or comments on a blog?”

“What’s the best way to kickstart my research and find resources for a research project?”

Do these questions sound familiar to you? Mastering citations is an essential skill for undergraduate success, and this workshop will introduce you to techniques for creating, navigating, and using citations like a sophisticated scholar. Bring your computer and any questions you have about citations & library research!

Location: Shinmay 33F Room 33A

This workshop will be held in person, registration is not required but encouraged if you would like to receive a calendar invite or event reminders.

Hope to see you there!