Tomorrow: What Makes Us NYU Shanghai? Oral History Summer Apprenticeship Showcase Presentation

Have you ever wondered how scholars in the Humanities conduct research to collect data?

Taking one of the methodologies in the discipline of History as an experiment, the 2021 Summer Oral History Apprenticeship seeks to spark and foster curiosities of the young minds at NYU Shanghai to rethink about what is history.

The selected student trainees took intensive lectures in early June, after which they conducted their own research on topics of a common theme–What Makes US NYU Shanghai?

Now having completed their projects, the students are proud to share with the wider NYU Shanghai community:

  • How can the oral history skills acquired benefit them in the future, even if they are NOT Humanities/History majors;
  • What is unique about NYU Shanghai compared to other universities in China?
  • Their overall learning experience (what they’ve learned? mistakes or challenges they had faced and how they overcame them? etc) from the program to encourage the class 2025 to try it out as well in the future!

Tomorrow, for the Oral History Summer Apprenticeship Showcase Presentation, in Rm 415 at 1-3pm, for answers gathered from alumnus, staff, and faculty from ARC to GPS, from Admissions to various academic divisions, as well as NYUSH students studying away at NYUAD & NYUAD students going local at NYUSH.

Refreshments and SWAGs are provided.

Time: 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM Thursday, September 23
Location: Immersive Media Lab (Room 415) Academic Building