The End of Squid Game | Thursday 4-5PM | Halloween

Are you excited for Halloween? Planning to dress up and “treat or trick”? Taking a break from the writings and assignments?

Join “The End of Squid Game” and win blind box gifts!

Time: 4-5 PM, Thursday, 10/28

Location: 4th Floor, in front of the elevator

The idea of this activity is based on a recent popular TV show called Squid Game. But, we are Anti-Squid Game! We will make it laughable and funny.

Take one of the three activities, and get blind box gifts.

1. Remove stickers

Completely remove a sticker from the whiteboard, and present it to get a blind box! The contents on those stickers are jokes from Xiaoguo’s talk show, and it’s okay if you can’t read them – just remove it!

2. Push the sword

2-3 players as a group, participants need to push the sword into the barrel, and whoever pops the pirates out will get a blind box.

3. Tear out the picture

Tear out the outline of the picture, and whoever succeeds will get a blind box!

Here’s a quick peek of our blind box prizes!

Limited supply. First come, first serve.