Leak of Top Secret! – What We Are Offering on Double Eleven (11·11)

Libroary Thursday again – but different!

Begin your amazing journey at the welcome station right in front of the elevator on the 4th floor, where alluring games and challenging questions are here waiting for you. You can earn stamps at game stations and exchange them for lovely prizes!

Here’s a quick peak at our games:

Target Game
Can you hit the target right in the middle with those shiny little darts? If not, don’t worry, here’s an alternative plan. Draw a lot from the corresponding box, and see what’s there waiting for you.

Kahoot Game
Take a friend with you, or make one at the spot. Compete in pairs, and the fun doubles.

Matching Game
This is a test on your memory and your knowledge about our library services. Pair questions with their answers. Stamps favor those with a quick hand and a good memory.

Ping-pong Game
Enjoy playing ping-pong on the basement floor? Then you can be a winner of our new game, too. This time we are using ping-pong and chopsticks (or spoon?). See who can move faster while keeping balance, and answer questions correctly.

Participants get stamps, and winners get more. More stamps lead to bigger prizes!
You can be our best prize winner! (Notice: First come first served)

Any time between 12 – 2 PM, Thursday, 11/11/2021 | Library, 4th Floor, Academic Building

Scan the QR code to RSVP!