The world will have a NEO-LIBRARY! – AI Art Open Call

Everyone can be an artist, I mean literally. Now just open the webpage, put your thoughts into words, and the machine will turn the texts into images. 

Using the latest text-to-image AI art engines, we invite you to create your own artwork based on the theme “Neo Library“. 

No clue what it means? That’s right, because we don’t either. Use your imagination and show us what a neo-library looks like. Go crazy, but be ethical. Don’t feel you have to associate a “library” with any existing images or ideas, or use the term “neo library” as the keyword. 

The Library supports your work with two local resources, Stable Diffusion and Disco Diffusion, using local GPUs and with accessible UI. Resources to get you started with understanding and working with these tools can be found here.

Benefits of using these local resources

  • Privacy: Your outputs are not stored on our servers. Remember to save them.
  • No limit: Try as much as you want. No worries about running out of GPU quota.
  • Much faster


If any of the websites start to act weirdly, simply refresh the tab, and open the website in a private window. If this does not solve the problem, email Utku (, our web developer. The websites are also open to suggestions. Report technical issues on


Again, what is it?

An open call where you are free to post and vote for your favorite text-to-image AI generated art pieces.

How to do it?

How to win?

Upload your work and invite your friends to vote for it:

Your creation may be selected to be the banner on the Library’s website or to be displayed on the digital screens in the new library space at Qiantan campus. Our expert judge is Assistant Arts Professor of Visual Arts Monika Lin. Others will also have chances to win prizes, including the most active contributors, and the creators of the most popular pieces.

Excited? I am! 

Questions? Need help? Just want to talk about it? Reach out to us via, or meet in person.