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Are you excited for the beginning of a brand new year? Along with moving to the new campus, our library are thrilled to share this newly designed website for you.

/ What’s new?

– A new layout

The new website will help you to navigate our resources and services more easily. With its clear, simple layout, you will be able to quickly get the information needed.

– Mostly used functions first

“Bookmark These Resources” list a few most popular links for your study and research.

/ How to get around the new space?

The new campus is much bigger than the Academic Building and I understand how easy it is to get lost in it.

We prepared a Floor Map to help you navigate the new library.

You will find it in “Room & Space” under “About” on the top banner.

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We updated Open Hours to make it accurate everyday. Go to the left side, stroll down and find “Today’s Hours”. Click “See More Hours” for a future schedule.

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Click Course Reserves – Log in – to see the course you select and its required materials

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Another change is this popular service Chat with us. Now it is a floating button on your right side. Click it to pop up a chat window. Ask questions to a librarian (not a robot, a real librarian)

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And don’t miss our upcoming events and workshops!

/ We’d love to hear your feedback!

If you have any feedback about the site’s content, navigation and layout, please send it to shanghai.circulation@nyu.edu

Important Notice on Ending Bloomberg Virtual Access

According to Bloomberg’s global policy for all academic and corporate clients, Bloomberg terminal will no longer be accessible remotely after June 30th, 2022. When remote access ends, all NYU Shanghai students, faculty and staff will need to use Bloomberg at the physical terminal. It is located on the 4th floor of our academic building.

Important Notice

  • If you are in Shanghai

NYU Shanghai Library will not accept new applications for remote access after 5 pm on June 23rd, 2022.

  • If you are in NYC

For any of you currently in NYC, you can also use the physical terminals at Bobst Library:

  • 3 terminals situated in the south wing of the 5th floor;
  • 1 terminal located on Lower Level 1 (24/7 access);
  • Additional terminals will be placed at NYU Libraries in Midtown (Brause) and Brooklyn (Dibner) over summer ’22;
  • Information for School Owned Bloomberg Terminals can be found here, including Stern, FRE, Courant, and BRE.
  • If you are in Abu Dhabi

For any of you currently in Abu Dhabi, you can Contact the Abu Dhabi Library for more information about physical access:

  • 15 terminals available in the Digital Studio lab; 
  • 5 additional terminals for faculty-only.

Alternative Choice

We recommend Refinitiv Workspace (requires account creation) as the best “access from anywhere” alternative to Bloomberg

  • You don’t need to make a booking to use the terminal after your individual account has been approved. 
  • You can log in via the web platform, or optionally via Refinitiv’s Mac and PC software.
  • Refinitiv Workspace, also known as Eikon, provides access to fundamental financial data on public companies, merger and acquisitions, financial market data and quotes, analyst reports, and private equity and venture capital. It features powerful screening and charting capabilities.
  • Training Recordings: https://training.refinitiv.com/workspace-training/

Note for VPN

Before you access library databases, including remote access to Bloomberg, Wind and Refinitiv Workspace, please turn on your VPN “vpn.shanghai.nyu.edu” first, because the VPN includes NYU Shanghai’s IP address ranges and can give you access to library databases without hitting a paywall.

Library Loans Extended

Dear faculty, students and staff,

We are happy to announce that we have successfully extended your library loans to September 5, 2022 if they were originally due on May 20, 2022. Please hold onto any library loans you currently have and return them when the library reopens. Any fines accrued during the lockdown period will be waived when these items are returned.

Feel free to review your checked-out library materials and their due dates by logging into your library account.

If for any reason you still have to return the books or have any questions regarding your library account, please contact shanghai.circulation@nyu.edu so that we can work with you individually.


NYU Shanghai Library

Renewing Library books during COVID-19 lockdown

Dear faculty, students and staff,

We understand that you are concerned about returning library materials during the lockdown period. We are sending this notice to assure you that the Library is working on a solution to extend the renewable loans on your account on your behalf as soon as possible. Please hold onto any library loans you currently have and return them when the library reopens. Any fines accrued during the lockdown period will be waived when these items are returned.

Alternatively, you may check your library loans and renew the renewable ones by yourself during the week of May 16th by accessing your library account: http://library.nyu.edu/patron?vid=NYUSH.

If for any reason you still have to return the books, please contact shanghai.circulation@nyu.edu so that we can work with you individually.

If you are graduating this May, you will receive an email from us with options to renew or return your library books.


NYU Shanghai Library

22.3.14 Library Service Update

Dear faculty, students, and staff,

In responding to the new changes of COVID regulation, our Library is here to support your learning, teaching and research. Contact us whenever you have any questions. We are available during regular working hours at shanghai.library@nyu.edu. For 24/7 assistance, you could also use the “Ask a Librarian” chat box on the website to receive instant responses to your questions. Through this instant chat service, librarians can assist you with a range of questions, including complex research questions, citation help, using e-resources, and guidance using ILL request forms.

Research and Instructional Technology Services

RITS has gathered some resources useful for online teaching and assessments to respond to the new changes in campus access and online instructions.
Should you need any support, please get in touch with RITS at shanghai.RITS@nyu.edu. We would offer consultation remotely by request.

Financial Terminals Remote Access

NYU Shanghai Library will open the financial terminals remote access to those who need to use them for course assignments and research projects during the remote teaching period, starting from March 14th, 2022.

Important Note:

  • You should use financial terminals only for the purpose of course assignments or scholarly research, with the knowledge that for-profit and/or personal uses are forbidden.
  • Please only log on to the terminal after reserving your time (China Standard Time). Only one user can use the Bloomberg/Wind service at a time. We ask our users to be attentive to their booked slots. Anyone who violates the policy will be banned from using the terminal until the end of the semester. 
  • Each Bloomberg/Wind terminal has a download limit through Excel Add-In (also known as API). When the terminal is at its limit, you will see an error message when loading data and wait for a week (for Wind) or a month (for Bloomberg) before it resets. Please remember to be considerate to fellow users – only download what you need or export data from the terminal interface directly which doesn’t count in the download limit of Excel Add-In.
  • If all the time slots for Bloomberg are booked, consider using Refinitive Workspace, also known as Eikon and the successor product to Thomson ONE. You can log in via the web platform, or via Refinitiv’s Mac and PC software on your own computer without booking a time slot. Individual account creation is required before you can log in. Librarians at Bobst Library process the requests once a week.
  • Please turn your VPN (vpn.shanghai.nyu.edu) on before you access Bloomberg, Wind or Refinitiv Workspace remotely. If you have any questions on VPN, please contact IT for help through shanghai.it.help@nyu.edu.

    To apply for remote access, please fill out applications online

    Bloomberg: https://forms.gle/L8dVmrf1SMzdczND6
    Wind: https://forms.gle/9RyjYQvKKTrUgvC9A 

Access & Borrowing

If you need help with acquiring library materials, or have any concern regarding your loaned items, please contact us at shanghai.circulation@nyu.edu.
For materials not available to you immediately, we highly recommend you to request scanned copies of a book chapter or journal article through our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service.

Meanwhile, we encourage you to access millions of e-resources through the Library website, which covers databases, ebooks, and multimedia resources.

Library Service Update in the Evolving COVID-19 Situation

Dear faculty, students and staff,As NYU Shanghai moves to swiftly adapt to the evolving COVID-19 situation, our Library is similarly preparing to accommodate this changing situation.We understand that access to library resources and the research services our librarians provide is essential to your learning, teaching and research.To better support you during this period of upheaval, the NYU Shanghai Library has updated our online and on campus services.

Research & Instructional Technology Services

For Faculty who teach online for the first time, you could refer to the Teaching with NYU Zoom guide and other recording resources we had on the Digital Teaching Toolkit site to get prepared.For Students who are going to take class with NYU Zoom for the first time, please follow the guideline before class to get prepared.It is recommended to join the Zoom session 15 mins prior to the class in case any technical issues arise.

Access & Borrowing
For materials not available to you immediately, we highly recommend you to request scanned copies of a book chapter or journal article through our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service.Meanwhile, you can access millions of e-resources through the library website, which covers databases, ebooks, and multimedia resources.Our Library staff team is available to help you with any question that you might have. You could also contact us by phone (21) 20595615, email shanghai.library@nyu.edu or the “Ask a Librarian” chat box on the website. You will receive instant responses to your questions (from human, not a robot!).

Introducing New Study Room Reservation System

Are you looking for a simple way to book group study rooms at Academic Building and Shinmay in the library? In collaboration with campus IT, we are rolling out the new study room reservation system.

Please click on the big purple “Study Room” button on our website to reserve a room. Or bookmark it for the computer or scan the QR code on the door to book through your mobile device

Please kindly note more than half of the room’s max capacity must check-in within the first 15 minutes of the booked time. Otherwise, the room will be released and become available for other users to reserve.

Watch this one-minute video for tips on how to reserve and check in to the study room.


New Changes in Library

Welcome and welcome back for Fall 2021! No matter where you are, we are excited to meet you on the 4th floor in the Academic Building, at Shinmay, or remotely online. We have new resources and services ready for you:

The Wire China 

The  Library  now subscribes to The Wire China, a weekly news magazine dedicated to understanding and explaining China’s economic rise, and its influence on global business, finance, trade, labor and the environment.

Caixin (财新) Chinese Edition 

Many have asked about Caixin’s Chinese edition. It’s available now! Caixin’s English and Chinese editions offer unique content, as well as some duplicate articles.

Career Development Collection

Planning to take a test for graduate school? Working on your resume and interview skills? Exploring majors and careers? Stop by this expanded collection curated by the Library and CDC for inspiration. 

Enter the Library with Digital ID 

Tap your phone to enter the Library! Our entrance now supports both physical campus card and the new digital ID.

 Roary is back!

Some of you may remember Roary, the Library’s newest member! This semester, Roary will bring back the popular Libroary Thursdays with new games, activities and SWAG! Stay tuned to Library’s WeChat and Engage event page for Roary’s return. 

Beyond Shark’s Fin and Sichuan Pepper

Have you read Shark’s Fin and Sichuan Pepper? Stop by the Library’s display to taste this sweet-sour memoir, this year’s NYU Shanghai Reads selection. Explore additional books and videos curated here, or watch this video tutorial to discover other Library materials to whet your appetite for the year ahead! 

“Libroary Thursdays” First Event on March 11

Rumour has it that some long-gone creature has found its way back to the earth. The only thing we know is that it craves knowledge and companionship -especially from the youngsters.No way, it was spotted in our Library! Help!! What should we do?
To comfort this curious little creature and celebrate his new friendship with us, we named him Roary, as roar means “I love you” in dinosaur. Now we introduce a fun event series called Libroary Thursdays (pronunciation: lai-b-roa-ry) to you, with our beloved new friend Roary!

Libroary Thursdays
 feature the handiest tricks and useful know-hows of NYU Shanghai Library. In addition to getting various event-based gifts (first come, first served!), you are also encouraged to earn Libroary badges online. Those who have collected the most badges will enter our lucky draw to win the final prizes!

First Prize
: 200RMB gift + Event T-shirt, 2 winners
Second Prize: 100RMB gift + Event canvas tote bag, 3 winners
Third Prize: Event T-shirt + Event canvas tote bag, 5 winners
1st Event
Time: 1-3 pm, 03/11/2021
Place: Library
Event QR code 
Mark your calendar and roar with us!