Welcome to our new website!

Are you excited for the beginning of a brand new year? Along with moving to the new campus, our library are thrilled to share this newly designed website for you.

/ What’s new?

– A new layout

The new website will help you to navigate our resources and services more easily. With its clear, simple layout, you will be able to quickly get the information needed.

– Mostly used functions first

“Bookmark These Resources” list a few most popular links for your study and research.

/ How to get around the new space?

The new campus is much bigger than the Academic Building and I understand how easy it is to get lost in it.

We prepared a Floor Map to help you navigate the new library.

You will find it in “Room & Space” under “About” on the top banner.

/ Is the library open today?

Or will library open next Saturday?

We updated Open Hours to make it accurate everyday. Go to the left side, stroll down and find “Today’s Hours”. Click “See More Hours” for a future schedule.

/ Look for course materials?

Click Course Reserves – Log in – to see the course you select and its required materials

/ Question about a source in your paper ?

Another change is this popular service Chat with us. Now it is a floating button on your right side. Click it to pop up a chat window. Ask questions to a librarian (not a robot, a real librarian)

/ A shortcut to Brightspace

And don’t miss our upcoming events and workshops!

/ We’d love to hear your feedback!

If you have any feedback about the site’s content, navigation and layout, please send it to shanghai.circulation@nyu.edu

The world will have a NEO-LIBRARY! – AI Art Open Call

Everyone can be an artist, I mean literally. Now just open the webpage, put your thoughts into words, and the machine will turn the texts into images. 

Using the latest text-to-image AI art engines, we invite you to create your own artwork based on the theme “Neo Library“. 

No clue what it means? That’s right, because we don’t either. Use your imagination and show us what a neo-library looks like. Go crazy, but be ethical. Don’t feel you have to associate a “library” with any existing images or ideas, or use the term “neo library” as the keyword. 

The Library supports your work with two local resources, Stable Diffusion and Disco Diffusion, using local GPUs and with accessible UI. Resources to get you started with understanding and working with these tools can be found here.



Benefits of using these local resources

  • Privacy: Your outputs are not stored on our servers. Remember to save them.
  • No limit: Try as much as you want. No worries about running out of GPU quota.
  • Much faster


If any of the websites start to act weirdly, simply refresh the tab, and open the website in a private window. If this does not solve the problem, email Utku (uet200@nyu.edu), our web developer. The websites are also open to suggestions. Report technical issues on https://github.com/uetuluk/disco-diffusion-ui/issues


Again, what is it?

An open call where you are free to post and vote for your favorite text-to-image AI generated art pieces.

How to do it?

How to win?

Upload your work and invite your friends to vote for it: https://neolibrary.ritsdev.top/

Your creation may be selected to be the banner on the Library’s website or to be displayed on the digital screens in the new library space at Qiantan campus. Our expert judge is Assistant Arts Professor of Visual Arts Monika Lin. Others will also have chances to win prizes, including the most active contributors, and the creators of the most popular pieces.

Excited? I am! 

Questions? Need help? Just want to talk about it? Reach out to us via shanghai.library@nyu.edu, or meet in person.

22.3.14 Library Service Update

Dear faculty, students, and staff,

In responding to the new changes of COVID regulation, our Library is here to support your learning, teaching and research. Contact us whenever you have any questions. We are available during regular working hours at shanghai.library@nyu.edu. For 24/7 assistance, you could also use the “Ask a Librarian” chat box on the website to receive instant responses to your questions. Through this instant chat service, librarians can assist you with a range of questions, including complex research questions, citation help, using e-resources, and guidance using ILL request forms.

Research and Instructional Technology Services

RITS has gathered some resources useful for online teaching and assessments to respond to the new changes in campus access and online instructions.
Should you need any support, please get in touch with RITS at shanghai.RITS@nyu.edu. We would offer consultation remotely by request.

Financial Terminals Remote Access

NYU Shanghai Library will open the financial terminals remote access to those who need to use them for course assignments and research projects during the remote teaching period, starting from March 14th, 2022.

Important Note:

  • You should use financial terminals only for the purpose of course assignments or scholarly research, with the knowledge that for-profit and/or personal uses are forbidden.
  • Please only log on to the terminal after reserving your time (China Standard Time). Only one user can use the Bloomberg/Wind service at a time. We ask our users to be attentive to their booked slots. Anyone who violates the policy will be banned from using the terminal until the end of the semester. 
  • Each Bloomberg/Wind terminal has a download limit through Excel Add-In (also known as API). When the terminal is at its limit, you will see an error message when loading data and wait for a week (for Wind) or a month (for Bloomberg) before it resets. Please remember to be considerate to fellow users – only download what you need or export data from the terminal interface directly which doesn’t count in the download limit of Excel Add-In.
  • If all the time slots for Bloomberg are booked, consider using Refinitive Workspace, also known as Eikon and the successor product to Thomson ONE. You can log in via the web platform, or via Refinitiv’s Mac and PC software on your own computer without booking a time slot. Individual account creation is required before you can log in. Librarians at Bobst Library process the requests once a week.
  • Please turn your VPN (vpn.shanghai.nyu.edu) on before you access Bloomberg, Wind or Refinitiv Workspace remotely. If you have any questions on VPN, please contact IT for help through shanghai.it.help@nyu.edu.

    To apply for remote access, please fill out applications online

    Bloomberg: https://forms.gle/L8dVmrf1SMzdczND6
    Wind: https://forms.gle/9RyjYQvKKTrUgvC9A 

Access & Borrowing

If you need help with acquiring library materials, or have any concern regarding your loaned items, please contact us at shanghai.circulation@nyu.edu.
For materials not available to you immediately, we highly recommend you to request scanned copies of a book chapter or journal article through our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service.

Meanwhile, we encourage you to access millions of e-resources through the Library website, which covers databases, ebooks, and multimedia resources.

Books & Chill – enjoy some quiet time at the Calm Corner

“That’s the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet.”

——Jhumpa Lahiri, The Namesake

Reading for fun is a great way to relax, boost your mood, or take a mini-vacation from your daily stress.Join us in the Calm Corner (Room 614) to put down our screens and take intentional time to enjoy books of poetry, art, stories, and more.

Our Library staff will provide a selection of leisure reading books for you to explore, or feel free to BYOB (bring your own book). Come for a few minutes or longer, whatever you need to feel refreshed.

Light snacks, coffee and tea will be provided!

Time: 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM, Tuesday, March 1 2022

Location: Calm Corner (Room 614)

Libroary Thursdays Back Again!

Last semester, we held six events sharing various handy tricks and useful know-hows of our library through fun games and activities (such as ring toss, Kahoot, darts, ping-pong, etc.).

Topics covered Ares system, group study room, self-checkout machine, library collections and policies, etc.

Apart from various prizes, participants of each event can get one specially-designed digital badge. Those who get more badges are more likely to receive the Final Prize at the end of the semester.

Come take a look at the Final Prize winners from last semester:

  1. First Prize: 200RMB gift + Event T-shirt; 2 winners: Deng Kexin, Han Yixiao
  2. Second Prize: 100RMB gift + Event canvas tote bag; 3 winners: Zhang Steven, Zhang Jianing, Chen Yimin
  3. Third Prize: Event T-shirt + Event canvas tote bag; 5 winners: Shi Jiarui, Xu Zihan, Cao YiLing, Qian Xinnan, Lin Vinson

Wanna be part of them? Here’s the good news!

This Spring, Libroary Thursdays will be back, bringing more library-related tricks and know-hows, more joy, and more prizes for you.

Please stay tuned and stop by the 4th floor to win your prize!

Event Recap: Long Night Against Procrastination

On Monday and Tuesday (Dec. 6-7), the Library, ARC and Student Health Center offered the Long Night Against Procrastination in the Library.

In addition to the snack table outside Library, we also provided the Calculus and ARC Walk-in Writing Support, and the useful resources and encouraging words on Padlet displayed on the screen.

Missed this event? Don’t worry!

Every day – 24/7 – until the last day of this semester, in 400A (Relaxation Zone), we provided snacks, drinks, and final survival kits for you! You can also get relaxed here with those massage chairs, coloring tools and yoga mats.

Help you power through finals: Long Night Against Procrastination

Getting anxious for your final exams and projects? Library, ARC and Student Health Center are here to help you prepare for them!

Join us on Monday and Tuesday, Dec. 6-7 from 6 – 8 PM for a Long Night Against Procrastination. Maximize your productivity, and cross all the items on your to-do lists!

6 – 8 PM (Shanghai), Monday and Tuesday, Dec. 6-7 | Library, 4th Floor, Academic Building

Research Librarians and Writing and Speaking Fellows will be available for consultations during this time. You can ask for help with:

  • Researching for your paper
  • Citing your sources and developing your works cited
  • Writing support for any stage of the writing process (organization, clarity, and more!)

PLUS: snacks, drinks, de-stress programs, ARC resources, and some encouraging words.

Social Media for Social Good: Twitter API Deciphered in Small Bytes

On November 18, NYU Shanghai Library’s Data Services will host an event to introduce Twitter API as an accessible tool to retrieve data, conduct research, or build projects. Guest speakers will showcase their research and products for social good accomplished with the Twitter APIs. Start exploring the breadth of projects you can initiate or contribute to!

This event will be mix-mode.

Lunch will be provided. Sessions are free come free go.

Zoom link: https://nyu.zoom.us/j/94455746040.

Meeting ID: 944 5574 6040


11 AM – 11:45 AM (Shanghai) | 10 PM – 10:45 PM (EST)

The farmers protest in India and the mobilization of the diaspora on Twitter

Dr. Stein Monteiro will present recent research on how online activism by diaspora groups living outside their home country can influence political activity in the home country through social media. Stein looks at the case of the #FarmersProtest movement in India, and the influence that the diaspora in Canada, US, UK, Australia and Gulf countries had on the overall Twitter conversation.

Dr. Stein Monteiro is a Senior Research Associate at Ryerson University (Toronto) in the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Migration and Integration program. Stein’s research looks at the integration of new immigrant groups into the host country’s culture and labour market.

1 AM – 1:45 PM (Shanghai) | 12 AM – 12:45 AM (EST)

A Social Media Study on the Effects of Psychiatric Medication Use

Professor Bruno Abrahao will showcase his research, A Social Media Study on the Effects of Psychiatric Medication Use, for our community to learn how they may collect and extract information from web services through APIs, and inspire the audience to explore the breadth of projects they can initiate or contribute to with developer tools as such.

Bruno Abrahao is an Assistant Professor of Information Systems and Business Analytics at NYU Shanghai.

1:50 AM – 2:35 PM (Shanghai) | 12:50 AM – 1:35 AM (EST)

Twitter API Walkthrough

Twitter’s Senior Developer Advocate Suhem Parack will show us how to leverage social media data for our next project with the Twitter API. Feel free to bring your questions about accessing and using the Twitter API.

Suhem Parack is a Sr. Developer Advocate at Twitter who helps students and academics use the Twitter API for research.

2:40 AM – 3:30 PM (Shanghai) | 1:40 AM – 2:30 AM (EST)

Peta Bencana (Disaster Map Foundation in Southeast Asia)

Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 Nashin Mahtani will showcase her work on the life-saving platform PetaBencana.id, where she helped leverage data via Twitter API and co-led the platform expansion from a real-time flood mapping system serving 50 million people in Indonesia to a multi-hazard mapping platform serving over 350 million people in South East Asia. With a background in architecture, Nashin’s applied and research investigations center around water polities and infrastructures, communication and media philosophies, and epigenetic adaptations.

Nashin Mahtani is the director of Yayasan Peta Bencana (Disaster Map Foundation), a South-East Asian based non-profit organization developing software infrastructures for community-led disaster co-management. In 2021 she was recognized by Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 for her contributions to the region’s social issues.

Leak of Top Secret! – What We Are Offering on Double Eleven (11·11)

Libroary Thursday again – but different!

Begin your amazing journey at the welcome station right in front of the elevator on the 4th floor, where alluring games and challenging questions are here waiting for you. You can earn stamps at game stations and exchange them for lovely prizes!

Here’s a quick peak at our games:

Target Game
Can you hit the target right in the middle with those shiny little darts? If not, don’t worry, here’s an alternative plan. Draw a lot from the corresponding box, and see what’s there waiting for you.

Kahoot Game
Take a friend with you, or make one at the spot. Compete in pairs, and the fun doubles.

Matching Game
This is a test on your memory and your knowledge about our library services. Pair questions with their answers. Stamps favor those with a quick hand and a good memory.

Ping-pong Game
Enjoy playing ping-pong on the basement floor? Then you can be a winner of our new game, too. This time we are using ping-pong and chopsticks (or spoon?). See who can move faster while keeping balance, and answer questions correctly.

Participants get stamps, and winners get more. More stamps lead to bigger prizes!
You can be our best prize winner! (Notice: First come first served)

Any time between 12 – 2 PM, Thursday, 11/11/2021 | Library, 4th Floor, Academic Building

Scan the QR code to RSVP!