Important Notice on Ending Bloomberg Virtual Access

According to Bloomberg’s global policy for all academic and corporate clients, Bloomberg terminal will no longer be accessible remotely after June 30th, 2022. When remote access ends, all NYU Shanghai students, faculty and staff will need to use Bloomberg at the physical terminal. It is located on the 4th floor of our academic building.

Important Notice

  • If you are in Shanghai

NYU Shanghai Library will not accept new applications for remote access after 5 pm on June 23rd, 2022.

  • If you are in NYC

For any of you currently in NYC, you can also use the physical terminals at Bobst Library:

  • 3 terminals situated in the south wing of the 5th floor;
  • 1 terminal located on Lower Level 1 (24/7 access);
  • Additional terminals will be placed at NYU Libraries in Midtown (Brause) and Brooklyn (Dibner) over summer ’22;
  • Information for School Owned Bloomberg Terminals can be found here, including Stern, FRE, Courant, and BRE.
  • If you are in Abu Dhabi

For any of you currently in Abu Dhabi, you can Contact the Abu Dhabi Library for more information about physical access:

  • 15 terminals available in the Digital Studio lab; 
  • 5 additional terminals for faculty-only.

Alternative Choice

We recommend Refinitiv Workspace (requires account creation) as the best “access from anywhere” alternative to Bloomberg

  • You don’t need to make a booking to use the terminal after your individual account has been approved. 
  • You can log in via the web platform, or optionally via Refinitiv’s Mac and PC software.
  • Refinitiv Workspace, also known as Eikon, provides access to fundamental financial data on public companies, merger and acquisitions, financial market data and quotes, analyst reports, and private equity and venture capital. It features powerful screening and charting capabilities.
  • Training Recordings:

Note for VPN

Before you access library databases, including remote access to Bloomberg, Wind and Refinitiv Workspace, please turn on your VPN “” first, because the VPN includes NYU Shanghai’s IP address ranges and can give you access to library databases without hitting a paywall.

Alumni Access to Library Resources

All alumni have free, offsite access to a package of 20 electronic resources to support lifelong learning and career advancement, thanks to a gift from the Class of 2006 and donations from Friends of Bobst Library. 

You must have an active username (NetID) and password to access NYU Global Home and the Alumni e-Library. Once you have activated and logged into your account, you can access the e-Library by typing “Alumni e-Library” in the search bar at the top right corner of NYU Global Home. 

Having trouble activating your alumni ID or accessing the Alumni E-Library? Please contact Alumni Services at

Featured Databases:

  • Business Source Alumni Edition: Covers business-related topics from 1886 to present. Includes trade publications, magazines, academic journals, newspapers, market research reports, industry profiles, SWOT analysis, country reports, and more.
  • ProQuest ABI/INFORM Complete: Features thousands of full-text journals, dissertations, working papers, key newspapers such as The Financial Times, as well as country- and industry-focused reports and data.
  • Hoovers: Contains public and private company profiles. It includes key executive profiles, industry coverage, and detailed company fact sheets. 
  • First Research: 400+ industry profiles, including US and international coverage. Includes “Call Prep Questions” to help you prepare for meeting with interviewers.
  • Firsthand (formerly Vault): Provides insights into potential employers, including organizational culture, pros and cons of working at a firm, etc. Also has a series of “Best of” employer lists across different industries and functions.
  • ProQuest Research Library: Provides one-stop access to more than 4,000 periodicals from one of the broadest, most inclusive general reference databases ProQuest has to offer. Search from a highly-respected, diversified mix of scholarly journals, trade publications, and magazines covering over 150 academic disciplines.  
  • JSTOR: Offers high-quality, interdisciplinary content to support scholarship and teaching. The JSTOR digital archive includes more than 1,500 leading academic journals in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences, as well as select monographs and other materials valuable for academic work.  
  • Project MUSE: Provides complete, full-text versions of scholarly journals and book-length scholarship in the humanities, arts, and social sciences from many of university presses and scholarly societies.  
  • Law Journal Library (HeinOnline): Contains more than 2,300 law and law-related periodicals. Coverage is from the first issue published for all periodicals and goes through the most-currently published issues allowed based on contracts with publishers. 

If you want to access more Chinese language e-resources and have signed up for the Pudong Public library card from our library, you may use the ID number and password to access those resources remotely through the portal of Shanghai Library.

You can also visit Shanghai Library or any of its branches with your ID Card (for Chinese citizens) or passport (for foreigners) to apply for a physical card. Please check the resource list through their Database Navigation System.

NYU Shanghai Career Development Center also provides services for recent graduates. And all alumni are more than welcome to interact with current students by joining networking events, sitting on panel discussions, making presentations an area of expertise, or sharing career stories. Welcome to start your day with these NYU Alumni and University Podcasts and get your daily dose of news and culture of NYU.


Funniest Documentaries of All Time

You might be like me, who did meditation, yoga, took online classes, watched live streaming and comedy movies, and listened to podcasts, simply just trying to keep hanging there.

As I was searching for something fun, I found some comedy documentaries, a category I never thought about. Here are some of them:

Shut Up, Little Man!

I defy you to watch this film and not laugh. The trailer explains the premise pretty well, but basically when two friends tape record their violently noisy neighbors, they accidentally create one of the first ‘viral’ pop-culture sensations.

Blurring the lines between art and exploitation, Shut Up Little Man is a darkly comic modern fable.

Watch trailer


Winnebago Man

Now here’s a real gem. In the 1990s, a VHS tape was passed around from person to person starring “Winnebago man,” the world’s worst camper salesman.

The outtakes reel turned into a full-blown Internet phenomenon on YouTube in 2005, and is regarded as one of the first and funniest viral videos.

Watch trailer


Zombie Girl: The Movie

This one isn’t so much laugh out loud funny as it is cute-funny. But you’ll laugh too. Here’s the film’s official synopsis: Emily Hagins is making a zombie movie. It’s feature-length, it’s bloody, and the zombies don’t run. Just like it should be. But there’s just one difference between her film and every other zombie movie you’ve ever seen. Emily is twelve.

Watch trailer



If you’d like to explore more, search “Comedy” on Kanopy.

For example, Kanopy has this great comedy collection from Stash Short Film Festival

Make Social Impact: Resources and Grant

If you are thinking about summer unpaid internships in non-profit organizations, I found this great grant opportunity for you!To explore the non-profit career path, you can start with these students’ stories, books, and the Social Impact Internship Grant.

Tap to know more and apply
01 Culturally Mindful Communication: Essential Skills for Public and Nonprofit Professionals

Provide useful strategies for students and practitioners of public service to improve their intercultural communication skills 

02 Careers in Non-profits and Government Agencies
An insider guide about:- What types of jobs are available to MBAs and undergrads?
– What work life is like, including things like hours, culture, vacations, and compensation
– How to get your foot in the door at a non-profit or government agency?
– What resources are there to aid you in your research and job search?

03 Nonprofit Management 101: a complete and practical guide for leaders and professionals

A comprehensive handbook for leading a successful nonprofit. This handbook brings together top experts in the field to share their knowledge and wisdom gained through experience.
04 She Made It: the toolkit for female founders in the digital age

Especially for a new generation of fiercely independent and ambitious career women.
Lastly, remember to check out this great opportunity!

CDC Social Impact Internship Summer Application
Application Deadline: June 12, 11:59 PM

Apply Now!
Decision Announcement: June 27

Chat & Stories about Identity

When I thought about something I long for during lockdown, it came to me that conversations, companion and community are more precious than ever.

Tomorrow, there is a panel discussion which four panelists will share their stories about negotiating identity, differences, and belonging.

Diversity Initiatives x NYUSH Reads

Identity Through the Lens of Others

Time: 7 – 8:30 PM, 4/21/2021

Place: Zoom


On the topic of identity, we select a few books for your leisure reading.

Born a crime: Stories from a South African childhood

The compelling, inspiring, and comically sublime story of one man’s coming-of-age, set during the twilight of apartheid and the tumultuous days of freedom that followed Trevor Noah’s unlikely path from apartheid South Africa to the desk of The Daily Show began with a criminal act: his birth.


Exit West

Exit West is an epic compressed into a slender page-turner–both completely of our time and for all time, Mohsin Hamid’s most ambitious and electrifying novel yet.


Minor Feelings: an Asian American reckoning

In the popular imagination, Asian Americans are all high-achieving professionals.

But in reality, this is the most economically divided group in the country, from tech millionaires to service industry laborers.


Identity: Conversations with Benedetto Vecchi

Identity – a notion that by its very nature is elusive and ambivalent – has become a key concept for understanding the changing nature of social life and personal experience in our contemporary, liquid modern age.

In this brief book, Zygmunt Bauman explains compellingly why this is so.

Grow Vegetables on Balcony

It’s surprising how much veggies you can grow on a balcony.

I was reading this blog and began to daydream a balcony “farm” to store some vegetables for emergency food supplies.

The lockdown experience stirred up my interest in urban planting. If you are curious about it as well, check out some fun ebooks and videos I found.

01. Urban Gardening for Dummies

The “For Dummies” book series is always an easy way to start. 😉

02. Field Guide to Urban Gardening: How to Grow Plants, No Matter Where You Live

It shares the basics of growing plants, offers tips on how to choose the right urban gardening method, and troubleshoots the most common problems you’ll encounter.

03. Growing Your Own Food in Hong Kong

User-friendly for beginners and those who may only have a balcony or a rooftop.

04. How to Grow Anything

You can learn to create gardens and landscapes in almost any setting, from large rural backyards to tight urban spaces, and in almost any climate.

Six Podcasts You Can Listen to Right Now

From the biggest business and tech news to career possibilities and scenarios, keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the world today.

We picked six podcasts produced by the NYU community and relevant to the current business world.


In his Conversations podcast, NYU President Andrew Hamilton interviews NYU faculty, students, and alumni who are using their intellectual gifts, determination, and creativity to make a profound difference in our world.


Stern Chats

NYU Stern MBA students run the Stern Chats podcast, centered on sharing the untold stories of students, alumni, administrators, and faculty.


All in a Day’s Work

Maybe you know exactly what you want to do post-graduation—or maybe you have no idea.

Featuring NYU community members who are navigating the workplace and doing interesting workAll in a Day’s Work covers topics include finding your passion, working at a start-up, and navigating the hiring process.


Flash Forward

In his critically acclaimed Flash Forward podcast, host Rose Eveleth (GSAS ’12) dives into future possibilities and scenarios—from artificial wombs to moon-stealing space pirates—and what such a future might look like.


The Caixin-Sinica Business Brief

A weekly round-up of top business and financial news from China’s leading financial magazine, Caixin, produced and hosted by the Sinica Podcast‘s Kaiser Kuo, featuring full stories from Caixin and conversations with Caixin writers and editors.


China Corner Office

China Conor Office features conversations with the leaders who have changed the way business is done in China.

Hosted by Chris Marquis, Sinyi Professor of Chinese Management at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School, the podcast shines light on the unique management models that have developed in China and what it takes to successfully run a business in China.



NYU Alumni and University Podcasts

Business and Economics Podcasts

Peek into people’s career choices

What made you decide to be a…(psychologist, interior designer, therapist, etc.) ?

Take a break from your study, research and overwhelming information.

We picked some documentaries featuring interesting career options for you. They might give you a new perspective to think about your career possibilities.

Get inspired by these fascinating personal trajectories.

All documentaries are available on Kanopy, a streaming video website.

Recommend to log in to it here.

Becoming a Psychologist

Five prominent psychologists provide inspirational, behind-the-scenes insights into the driving factors that led them to study psychology and become professional psychologists.


2 Career Compass: Jobs In Housing & Interior Design

Explore the careers of an architect, general contractor and interior designer and other related professionals. Learn how their combined knowledge turns the idea of a house into a reality.


Jobs in Clothing, Textiles & Fashion

Explore the world of a clothing designer, fashion journalist and boutique owner and learn about other career opportunities available in the clothing and textiles industry.


Becoming a Physicist

Nine leading physicists describe fascinating aspects of their personal trajectories of how they became the professional scientists that they are today at prestigious institutions around the world.


Becoming a Historian

Five accomplished scholars describe passionately how certain personal experiences were crucial in triggering their interest in history and inspiring them to become historians.


Became an Environmentalist

Fascinating insights from marine biologist Edie Widder, Ocean Research & Conservation Assocataion, and business Professor Andre Hoffman, University of Michigan, about the different paths they followed to become environmental scientists.


Becoming a Therapist

This video presents the insider’s story of student therapists during their Internship or Practicum year. What’s it like seeing your first clients? How do you handle making mistakes? How do you get the most out of Supervision?

Kanopy Streaming provides access to thousands of contemporary and classic feature films and documentaries, from the major Hollywood studios and well as independent and international filmmakers.

Keep up with Global News

Want to keep up with current events?

Good news!

You can access many of your favorite news sources through the NYU Libraries.

Check out some most popular media platforms for free!

👇 Click the titles to access

The New York Times

  • Diverse channels and perspectives: business, sports, arts, and science

  • Using NYU email address to create a free account first

  • App access: Yes

  • Podcast: The Daily, Sway, The Argument, The Book Review, The Ezra Klein Show, Popcast, Modern Love, Still Processing, The Sunday Read

Wall Street Journal

  • Breaking news and current headlines particularly in business and finance from the US and around the world

  • Using NYU email address to create a free account first

  • App access: Yes

  • Podcast: Bad Bets, What’s News, Minute Briefing, Tech News Briefing, Your Money Briefing, Opinion: Potomac Watch, The Journal, WSJ’s The Future of Everything, The Data Agenda, UBS Business Unusual

A step by step guide to get free access to NYT & WSJ

Caixin Global

  • Up-to-date financial and business news in China

  • No registration required

  • 财新网 also available, independent from its English version, including the magazine 财新周刊

  • App access: Yes

  • Podcast: China Biz Roundup, China Stories, Caixin-Sinica Business Brief

Financial Times

(Currently for NYU Shanghai Only)

  • Stay connected to global news, commentaries, data and analysis

  • No registration required

  • App access: Yes

  • Podcast: FT News Briefing, FT Weekend, Working It, Payne’s Politics, Rachman Review, Top Stories Today, Money Clinic with Claer Barrett

Harvard Business Review

  • A general management magazine, covers a wide range of topics that include leadership, negotiation, strategy, operations, marketing, and finance.

  • No registration required

  • App access: No

  • Podcast: HBR IdeaCast, Women at Work, Dear HBR, Coaching Real Leaders, The Anxious Achiever, Exponential View, Cold Call, Race at Work, After Hours

The Economist

  • Focus on current affairs, international business, politics, and technology

  • No registration required

  • App access: No

  • Podcast: Editor’s Picks, Checks and Balance, The Intelligence, The Economist Asks, Money Talks, Babbage, The World Ahead

Times Higher Education

  • Academic data, world university rankings, news, opinions, features and book reviews

  • Using NYU email address to create a free account first

  • App access: No

  • Podcast: THE podcast

The Wire China

  • Stories of China’s economic rise, and its influence on global business, finance, trade, labor and the environment

  • No registration required

  • App access: No

South China Morning Post

  • News and insights from Hong Kong, China and the world
  • No registration required
  • App access: No
  • Podcast: Inside China, China Geopolitics, Eat Drink Asia, Post Books Podcast, Behind the Story, Inside China Tech, Asia Briefing, The Adventure Trail, Morning Studio
China Core Newspapers

  • A platform for browsing 617 Chinese popular newspapers starting from 2000

  • Featured Titles: 人民日报, 光明日报, 经济日报, 中国教育报, 中国人口报, 中国证券报, 中国青年报, 环球时报, 解放日报, 解放军报, 文汇报, 东方早报, 上海证券报, 第一财经日报

  • No registration required

  • App access: No

Check out our Research Guide on Accessing Current News Sources. You can browse through some of our more popular news sourcesbrowse newspapers by keyword using one of the recommended databases, and learn how to find the most recent issues of a specific newspaper.

Get Free Magazines on Your Phone

Looking for some leisure reading on a rainy day?

Waiting in line for the COVID PCR test?

Taking a break from online classes?

Take a look at these two digital platforms, which you can get a huge selection of magazines on your phone, tablet or PC — all at no charge.

01 Flipster

  • Easy-to-read, unlimited access to digital magazines, download for offline reading

  • Featured Titles: The Atlantic, Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes, Fortune, the New Yorker, Wired, and Vanity Fair

  • No registration required

02 Pressreader

  • 7000+ newspapers and magazines from 150 countries and in 65 languages

  • Featured Titles: Beijing Review, Chicago Tribune, China Daily, New York Post, The Guardian, The Washington Post, BBC History Magazine, ELLE, Vogue, National Geographic Traveller, Modern Dog, and Modern Cat

  • No registration required


Enjoy reading! If you have any questions, contact us at