Workshops (3/1 – 3/7)


Next week (3/1 – 3/7), join us for the following two workshops. Plan ahead for future weeks by exploring the Library Class Calendar(for online workshops) or the Engage(for in-person workshops).

  • Introduction to R (Online Workshop)

Wednesday, 3 March 09:00 AM – 12:00 PM (China Standard Time)

R is a programming language for statistical analysis of data. This workshop gets you started with using R. The session provides an overview of R functionalities, introduces the RStudio interface, bolts and nuts of using R, data types and subsetting, and how to read files of various formats.

Prerequisites: Basic computer literacy, understanding files and folders.

Related LibGuide: Quantitative Analysis Guide by Denis Rubin

This workshop will be held live via ​Zoom, so you can attend from the comfort of your dorm or apartment. You must register in advance through the  NYU Bobst Calendar.

  • Intro to Python – For Non-Programmers

Friday, 5 March 01:00 PM – 03:00 PM (China Standard Time)

This workshop gets you started with using Python. The session provides an overview of Python and its functionalities, introduces why we choose to use Python and its environments, and how to write Python basics (Comments, Variables, Operators, Statements).

Cookies and beverages will be provided!

Location: Room 415 @ Academic Building

This workshop will be held in person, please register in advance on Engage.

Why search for a “literature review” or “annotated bibliography”?

College research ain’t easy. It’s nothing like the papers from high school, because the training wheels are off. You are part of the academic conversation. New vocabulary, technical writing, and using citations to talk with scholars/professors about proof you have done your homework behind the thoughts.

Luckily, while not a short-cut, there is a wise tool to add to your skillset. In the library’s databases, you can search
“Literature review” AND “your topic”

Remember to use the double quote mark to help the computer ignore:

  1. literature without the reviews, 
  2. reviews that aren’t about your topic, and
  3. Articles that mention your topic but are not “literature reviews.”  (the image below is of a Venn diagram of literature AND review– with a subcircle inside the overlap for  “literature review” )

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Long Night Against Procrastination 2020 Fall

Conquer finals with the LNAP!

Papers are due, exams are coming, but panic is NOT setting in! Lots of work to get done? Come to the Long Night Against Procrastination, maximize your productivity, and cross-off items on your to-do lists! 

Research Librarians and ARC fellows will be on hand to provide research and writing assistance throughout the evening, or you can just come and de-stress with our soothing events – paper folding and lucky notes drawing! 

Here is the link for registration: We are all here to help you ace the finals week!

smiley faces announce Long Night Against Procrastination on Dec 9 in the Academic Building on 4F

Online Workshop on Using RSQLite and Shiny App to Solve Business Problems

On November 19, the Library will host an online workshop on creating a business intelligence dashboard with the help of R Shiny and RSQLite. Participants will make an application that resembles this dashboard.

Using RSQLite and Shiny Applications to Solve Business Problems (Online Workshop)

Thursday, 19 November 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM (China Standard Time)

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Library Hours for Thanksgiving

Dear Faculty, Student and Staff,

During Thanksgiving, NYU Shanghai Library will be closed from Nov. 22 to 25. We will resume regular service hours on Monday, Nov.26.

For research assistance in the meantime, please email librarians in NYC at, or use the chat widget on the library website. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

NYU Shanghai Library

Library Closed on Mid-Autumn Festival and National Holiday

Dear Faculty, Student and Staff,

During Mid-Autumn Festival, NYU Shanghai Library will be closed from Sep. 22 to 24. We will resume regular service hours on Tuesday, Sep 25th.

And during National Holiday, we will close from Sep. 29 to Oct. 3 and resume regular service hours on Thursday, Oct 4th.

For research assistance in the meantime, please email librarians in NYC at, or use the chat widget on the library website.

Hope you enjoy the holidays!

NYU Shanghai Library


What sort of cities have you lived in before?  What do you hope cities will offer in your lifetime?

After watching Anthropocene and listening to the discussion, the following books and resources can help you further explore opinions and opportunities for research.  If you don’t know which topics might be relevant, visit Oxford Bibliographies and search Anthropocene.  The results run the gamut from Conservative Biogeography to Common World Childhoods, Paleolimnology to Water Availability.  Whenever you are starting a new research topic, these bibliographies offer a short introduction explaining the leading arguments and variety of viewpoints.  Ask a librarian for help to “Find this resource”–sometimes the links break, but we can find another path.

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