Wolf Warrior Two

The film, Wolf Warrior 2, is also available to watch in the library’s viewing room or check out for your own DVD player.  It presents a thrilling view of international development (sometimes called international aid) and peacekeeping.  My mind is still thinking about different perspectives on foreign policies and nationalism.  Some films for comparison include Operation Red Sea or We Come As Friends.  The latter may be less thrilling, but it is honest to local viewpoints, and a list of resources from We Come as Friends Film Friday in May 2018 is available.

In a university setting, debating comparative politics or US-China relations happens in journal articles.  An excellent example of one conversation over the years is published in International Security.

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Talking Black in America

Sociology and Linguistics combine in this film with social justice.  If this inspires your research, visit with a librarian or explore the resources below.

Learn more about African American English in this Great Courses (32 min) video.

Walt Wolfram is a highly esteemed scholar of linguistic diversity and sociolinguistic justice. You can keep up with his work online by visiting The Language and Life Project, a non-profit outreach education endeavor to document and celebrate dialects, languages, and cultures of the United States. You can also watch more videos and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

Book Jacket

book jacket

Dr. Wolfram’s ebooks are available: The Development of African American English and Dialects at School: Educating Linguistically Diverse Students.     See additional books and articles below.



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Language and Identity

This month, NYU Shanghai welcomes guests who will explore issues in Language & Identity, including a film screening of Talking Black in America on February 22nd, and a panel discussion on February 27th that investigates the relationship between language and our collective and personal identities.

Are you intrigued by these topics or looking for more reading, including fiction and memoir? Check out these books from NYU:

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Check it out!

Native Speaker
Chang-Rae Lee

Check it out!

Typical American
Gish Jen

Check it out!

Lost in Translation: A Life in a New Language
Eva Hoffmann

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French Lessons: A Memoir
Alice Yaeger Kaplan

Available as an ebook

Hunger of Memory
Richard Rodriguez

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How the García girls lost their accents
Julia Alvarez

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When I was Puerto Rican
Esmeralda Santiago

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Chinese Englishes: A Sociolinguistic History
Kingsley Bolton

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Dialects at School: Educating Linguistically Diverse Students
Jeffrey Reaser, Carolyn Temple Adger, Walt Wolfram, Donna Christian

Available as an ebook

China and English Globalisation and the Dilemmas of Identity
Joseph Lo Bianco, Jane Orton, Gao Yihong

Available as an ebook

Don’t forget about our scholarly journals! Keep up with recent research trends in journals like these:

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Inspired to research after seeing “I want to see the manager”?

Economics is a study of scarcity or distribution, often by weighing the costs and benefits of an action or inaction. If this documentary inspires you to research this topic more, the books below are a good place to start. Some are online; others are on 4F.

movie cover

Make an appointment with a librarian to find additional resources.

If you missed the movie, the DVD lives on 4F where we have a movie viewing room. Bring your own headphones and ask at the desk.




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Library Hours for Thanksgiving

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During Thanksgiving, NYU Shanghai Library will be closed from Nov. 22 to 25. We will resume regular service hours on Monday, Nov.26.

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Ally Week: Deaf Culture

Be an Ally. Learn about the Deaf Community.  Explore the abilities and lifestyles of people experiencing limited hearing.

I was lucky enough to grow up near a university with a degree in translation, including ASL (American Sign Language). If you are interested in languages, comparing the differences between German-based sign languages, such as ASL, and later languages, such as British Sign Language, and the histories behind their diverse developments, it is a rich subject.

The films focused on children.  If you are inspired to research, the following links are a good start.

Approaches to Social Research: The Case of Deaf Studies. Alys Young and Bogusia Temple.  Oxford University Press, 2014.  Shanghai Main H62 .Y6668 2014

Diversity in Deaf Education. Eds. Marc Marschark, Venetta Lampropoulou, and Emmanouil Skordilis, Oxford, 2016.

Deaf Gain: Raising the Stakes for Human Diversity.  HDL Bauman and JJ Murray.  University of Minnesota Press, 2014.

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