Citation Clinic Workshops

Have you ever wondered: 

“How do I cite a Youtube Video?”

“Can I cite myself as a translator?”

“Are the citations provided by a database really reliable?”

Whatever your citation questions might be, librarians are here to help. Drop by the Academic Building library on 4F Curiosity Lab for our one-on-one citation clinics, and we’ll help you answer your trickiest citation questions:

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Library Essentials 101 Workshops this week

Do you have library questions? How to find and download an ebook? How to cite in your paper so you don’t get accused of plagiarism? Come to this workshop, where you get to pick what you want to learn!

This DIY workshop will cover the essentials for using the library, such as how to:

  • Access and retrieve course reserves for their classes 
  • Recognize and use interlibrary loan in different circumstances 
  • Identify relevant information sources for current and historical news 
  • Choose appropriate databases in order to search for scholarly articles on their topics 
  • Construct a search strategy in order to find relevant information 
  • Identify tools to cite and manage your information sources

Library Essentials 101
Tuesday, 22 September 11 AM – 12 AM  (China Standard Time)
Location: Shinmay Building, Library space, on the 33rd Floor

Please register in advance at

Library Essentials 101
Tuesday, 22 September  2 PM – 3 PM  (China Standard Time)
Academic Building, 400 A Curiosity Lab in the library on the 4F floor

Please register in advance at

Library Essentials 101
Wednesday, 23 September 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM  (China Standard Time)
Location: Academic Building, 400A Curiosity Lab in the library on the 4F floor

Please register in advance at

Three Online Workshops This Week

This week, you’re welcome to join us for three online workshop.​ Each will be held via ​Zoom, so you can attend from the comfort of your dorm or apartment. Please register ASAP!

 Business Library Virtual Open House Go Local edition written in white and yellow on dark blue background of financial graphs

Event poster

Data Visualization with Tableau Wednesday, 16 September 9 AM – 11 AM (China)

​In this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Understanding of basic principles of data visualization
  • Tableau interface
  • Importing data into Tableau
  • Exploring data and types of data
  • Creating tables, charts, scatter plots, histograms, etc.
  • Creating interactive dashboards and stories
  • Mapping data with Tableau

​This workshop will be held via ​Zoom, so you can attend from the comfort of your dorm or apartment.

Please register in advance through the NYU Libcal page ( I hope you’ll be able to join us!

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What’s the big deal about sources and references?

Twenty years ago, a scholarly source was clearly different from everything else. Very little was online yet, but many voices were unjustly ignored. 

If you look at newspapers, magazines, or pulp novels, these are meant for daily consumption by anyone. Others, like scholarly journals or books (from novels to dictionaries), take years (decades!) and dozens (hundreds!) of hands. You can feel the effort of editors, authors, and artists. 

Huazi Ribao Newspaper Issue

Huazi Ribao Newspaper Issue

The amount of time, wisdom, and energy invested establishes some of the credibility in dictionaries, encyclopedia, or university press books. This is harder to see today when dictionaries or encyclopedia (whether Wikipedia or Britannica) all look pretty much the same as blogs on your phone or laptop. 

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography volumes

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography volumes

Take the time to learn about the author and publisher. It is a necessary step. Is this subject their specialty? That way you don’t cite someone who has been discredited in the field. Or perhaps you find an authentic voice who merits greater respect. 

Samuel P Massie academic gown

Samuel P Massie academic gown

Three quarter length portrait of Miss Kate Violet Edgerley in academic cap and gown standing

Three quarter length portrait of Miss Kate Violet Edgerley in academic cap and gown standing

You may not have to do this every time. You will start to recognize names in your discipline from your assignments and readings. 

How to access full text articles, streaming films, and ebooks

You may feel frustrated searching Google after finding paywalls or questionable statements. The library has purchased many subscriptions to research, books, and film which may reveal this locked content.  Unfortunately, you have to start from inside the library pages, logged in with you NYU NetID, for the subscriptions to recognize you are connected to our subscriptions.  Let’s see how to do that.

Whenever you have any difficulties with these steps, check Ask-A-Librarian.  You can chat with us across the globe, check if the connections are working, or share screens to see what is happening.

Step 1: Open NYU Shanghai Library Website:                                                                 Step 2: Click the “Articles & Databases” tab

Yellow box highlights second tab from left to open the "Articles and Databases" search box.

Articles and Databases tab on library’s homepage

Step 3: Locate “Content-Specific” databases

Yellow arrow indicates highlighted box of links to content-specific collections.

Highlight the location of Content-specific links

Step 4: Access “Ebook Collections”, “Video Collections” and more

Highlight bars indicate the location to open, in order, the Ebook Collections, the News and Newspapers Collections, and Video Collections, amongst other content-specific database collections.

Location for Ebook, Newspapers, and Video collections

Step 5: Explore our content-specific collections based on your own research needs

  • Ebooks

    Two yellow arrows and highlight boxes indicate "Core Ebook Collections" and "A-Z list of ebook collections"

    Ebook collection webpage

  • Video

    Yellow arrow and highlight bar indicate 91 video databases and a button to remove this filter

    Video Collections webpage

  • News & Newspapers

    Website collection for newspapers with highlighted sections and arrows

    Newspaper collections webpage

Accessing NYU Resources from Off-Campus

Who is eligible for off-campus access?

Our electronic resource license agreements restrict access to current NYU faculty, staff, and students enrolled in degree or diploma programs. 

How do I access databases from off-campus?


To access NYU license electronic resources from off-campus, you need to be routed through the Libraries’ proxy server called EZProxy, so that you can be authenticated after providing your NYU NetID and password.

There are three ways to reach resources through the EZProxy

  • Proxy bookmarklet
    To install the bookmarklet, please refer to  this page for the instructions

2)Virtual Private Network (VPN)

NYUSH users may optionally log in through VPN to access library resources from off-campus.

Having trouble accessing library resources off-campus?

  1. Check if you are using non-NYU VPN
  2. Activate your NetID
  3. Try another browser or clear your Web browser cookies before you try again
  4. Contact library staff for assistance

Content-Specific Databases: Ebooks, Videos, and More

NYU Shanghai Library provides great resources for ebooks, videos and news. They can be easily accessible through the main website and in a few steps. 

Step 1: Open NYU Shanghai Library Website:

Step 2: Click the “Articles & Databases” tab

Step 3: Locate “Content-Specific” databases

Step 4: Access “Ebook Collections”, “Video Collections” and more

Step 5: Explore our content-specific collections based on your own research needs

  • Ebooks

  • Videos

  • News & Newspapers

5 Things You Need to Know about Library Services during the All-Digital Phase

In the past two weeks, we have received inquiries about library services. To help library users better cope with the current situation, we’ve tried to anticipate the most likely problems and put together an FAQ list you may find useful.


1. When will the library resume regular opening hours?

As part of the ongoing management of the 2019-nCoV epidemic, the library will not resume regular operation hours during the month of February, but our virtual services will still be available to the NYU Shanghai community. The optimistic hope is that we can open in early March, but we will not confirm a start date until we are assured that library operation is consistent with prudent epidemic management. 


2. What do I do if my loans are overdue? Do I have to pay the fines?

Regular loans from NYU Shanghai Library are all due on 5/22/2020. If you receive notices about overdue loans, please contact us at We will NOT charge any overdue fines.


3. I checked out some Interlibrary Loan (ILL) items which don’t belong to NYU Shanghai. Can I renew them?

If you have ILL items that are overdue or you need to renew them, please contact us at


4. I have some library requests that are still pending. Will they ever arrive?

With the current 2019-nCoV situation, please email us at if you need to change your item pickup location to another campus or if you need to cancel your request. Please also note If you are staying in China, and still need the item(s) you requested, your request will most likely be delivered in electronic format.


5. How do I access Course Reserve items before the library reopens?

Given the current situation, access to physical reserve items is not applicable. The library instead offers electronic reserves as much as copyright allows. Students can use Ares to check out the course reserves requested by your instructor at If you have any questions regarding course reserve items, please contact us at

Due date for all library materials extended to May 22

Dear NYU community,

Aligned with University’s decision responding to the 2019-nCoV situation, the Library has adjusted the loan period for all library materials.

The due date for all loaned library materials is extended to May 22, 2020, regardless of the current due date shown on your account. There will not be any fine incurred.

If you receive any email recalling the item, or have any concern regarding your loaned items, please contact us at

Stay warm and safe,

NYUSH Library

Library Hours During Spring Festival

Dear faculty, students and staff,

During the Spring Festival, NYU Shanghai Library’s collection and services will be closed from Jan. 24-31. Electronic resources are available 24/7.

For research assistance in the meantime, please email librarians in NYC at , or use the chat widget on the library website.

Happy Spring Festival!

NYU Shanghai Library